Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There are so many times in life when there are an overwhelming amount of options in front of you. In those types of situations, how do you know what to do? There are schools of thought that dictate we are nothing but the sum of our choices. By necessity, that style of thinking puts a great deal of weight on every single choice you face. How do you know which of the paths in front of you leads to the best life? As you stand at the nexus of your choices, how do you know what is the right path?

Is it right to sacrifice your desires & dreams to support others? Should you spend your life working on the things that make you happy? The real world never seems to give solid, absolute answers. It always hovers in the middle ground. It's good to sacrifice, but you should also take care of yourself. But when do you sacrifice? When is it right to take care of yourself?

How do you know that the choice that makes you feel better now is the best choice for the long run? Must the best things for you cause you pain?

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