Saturday, April 3, 2010

V 2009 The Return

A few months ago, I posted about a show that had just started: V. In that post, I gave my first impressions of the show and pretty much gave it the Dilking Seal of Approval(tm). A little bit after that posting, I found out that V would go on break until the end of March, and I thought the show was toast. After only four episodes, the show would go on a FOUR MONTH break? What?

This past week, V returned and my waning hopes flared to life again. Watching this episode felt like watching the opening gambits of a chess game between two masters as they test each other for weaknesses and develop an overall strategy for the rest of the match. If the writing stays this controlled, this version of V will quickly outclass the original in content the way it has already outclassed its predecessor in visual effects.

Not that I'm dissing the original at all, I LOVE the original series. While Star Wars was my introduction to sci-fi and Star Trek showed me the philosophies that can be hidden within sci fi, V is the series that locked my love for the genre into my genetic makeup. And I was SO JAZZED when I found out the creator of the original, Kenneth Johnson, likes the remake. They gave him his props, and are treating his material with honor and respect.

And speaking of the original series, I'm hoping for some cameos from some of the major players in the original series. There's already talk of the return of Jane Badler (Diana, the leader of the original Vistors):

Who, ironically enough STILL outclasses the current leader of the Visitors in raw sex appeal! Morena Baccarin is attractive as Anna, but she just doesn't match the raw sexual heat Jane brought to Diana. I remember re-watching that scene when she ate that mouse recently, and having some SERIOUSLY nasty thoughts about her oral skills! What is it about alien hotties??? Seeing her today, she has definitely hit Platinum Class MILF status!! Check her out:


Anyway, others I'm hoping to make at least an appearance:

Marc Singer (Mike Donovan, arguably the leader of the Human resistance) also known as Dar.... the ORIGINAL, one and only, BEASTMASTER!!

Robert Englund (Willie, the one and only GOOFY Visitor. Hey, there's always ONE!)
YES, that's right, Robert Englund. Before Freddy Krueger, there was Willie! Where did you think he learned how to kill people? The Visitors gave Freddy all the training he would EVER need!!!

And dare I say it? Dare I hope the impossible? Why not?
Michael Ironside (Hamilton Tyler, the grumpy miliant of the Human Resistance)
Yep, uh-huh, that's right, Michael Ironside, voice of Splinter Cell, and one of the BADDEST of the bad asses in Hollywood made his bones putting foot to reptile butt to save humanity! What you thought he started kickin' alien ass with those snot nose punks in Starship Troopers?? WRONG! Check him out in action:

Though, I'm sure he's a really nice guy to know in personal life!

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