Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Celebrity Spouse

A celebrity spouse. Everyone has one. That one celebrity that you would say yes to without a single moment of hesitation. Imagine the moment....

You're sitting outside enjoying the day. Having a cool, refreshing beverage and hanging with friends. Then out of nowhere, they walk up. You're amazed to see them in person and a hush falls over your friends. They sit down and talk to you. After a few moments, they take your hand and lead you away. For me, that celebrity is Alyssa Milano.

I've been in love with her since I first saw her on "Who's The Boss?" all those years ago. I followed her from Who's The Boss all the way through Charmed. One of the worst movies in human existence, Embrace of The Vampire, I own just because Alyssa was in it! Alyssa is truly wonderful. Sexy, strong, smart, and goofy. She's the closest thing to perfection I have ever seen. That is why she's my celebrity spouse. You may ask why I'm writing about this now. To be completely honest, I was recently reminded of her power over me.

I'm not someone who enjoys sitcoms. After awhile they become repetitive and boring. It's because of this exact phenomenon that reality TV was born. I will NEVER forgive sitcoms for THAT! Yet, the instant I heard my celebrity wife had a new sitcom on the air, I went and watched it. No hesitation. I even ENJOYED IT! Especially that one scene when she comes down the stairs dressed up for her date. Mmmmmm....

Anyway, back to the point. I could overload this site with the pics I have of my celeb wife, but I won't. Instead, here are some of my favorite pics of my celebrity wife. Isn't she lovely??

Truly proof of the existence of God.

So, dear reader, who is YOUR celebrity spouse?

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